I want to get together a group of people down to go to techno / electronic music events this summer.


Hey all - 27F here, living in williamsburg, work in tech and do fashion / movement photography. A lot of my friends who loved techno / electronic music no longer live in the city, and i'm seeing a bunch of outdoor events pop up on instagram / facebook. I'd love to start a group where we can keep each other in the loop about cool events and grab dinner / drinks before events and go together!

My favorite places to go out to before the pandemic were Output, Good Room, Kinfolk, Bossa Nova Civic Club, H0l0, and Brooklyn Mirage. Down for techno / electronic / anything involving dancing or art installs. Would love to find some fellow music / dance / art lovers to frolick with now that I'm back in NYC.

Send me a chat with your phone number / instagram (if you want) and first name if youre interested!

Edit: Okay wow I have 40 responses since posting. I think I'm going to cap this for now and send out a group chat / whats app link to everyone who responded.

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Posted April 27, 2021

This is a private event.