Thrifting, people watching, grabbing a bite this Saturday 4/17.


Hi all! I (34F) am looking to expand my social circle and want to see if anyone is up for thrifting, general walking around enjoying the sun, and maybe grabbing a bite this Saturday, ideally between 11am-2pm. Anyone around my age range would be great, strictly platonic. If multiple people are interested, I’ll probably cap at 4 (including me) so that it’s not too hard to find seating if we end up grabbing lunch. Future suggestions would be great!

More about me to see if we share common interests:

-I love being outside, enjoy biking, walking, just soaking up the sun! I want to do more active stuff outside but shooting a basketball by yourself isn’t super fun!

-Interested in art (more so making it than going to art museums, but I do enjoy them from time to time).

-Very into skincare, makeup, and hair care. I watch a lot of YouTube on the topics.

-I work with children with disabilities. It’s a big part of my life; many of my closest friends are former coworkers.

-I love donuts. A lot.

I think those are the most important facts lol.

Posted April 14, 2021

This is a private event.